September 2, 2020





This Agreement is made among the parties concerned on the basis of equality and mutual benefits to develop business on terms and conditions mutually agreed upon as follows:






Manufacturer (Party A):


Add :




Exclusive Exporter (Party B):








2, Appointment of Exclusive Agent


Party A hereby appoints Party B as its exclusive agent in (District), and at the same time. Party B accepts the appointment of Part A unanimously. Party A agrees not to enter into a contractual relationship with any third party entity in order to sell all series and the new models which will be developed directly or indirectly under the brand of (Brand name) to

(District); Party B agrees not to sell similar series product which from other manufacturers in (District).

During the validity of this Agreement, if each of the two parties is found to have infringed the stipulations of the Agreement, the other party has the right to terminate this Agreement.



3, Commodity range and Quantity:


(1), Model: All (Brand)models and all new (Brand)models which will be developed in the future.

(2),Sale target: the quantity that part A requires part B export. Export not less than pieces from ( Date ) to ( Date ) ,first order not less than





4, Territory: the territory of the (District).




5, Validity of Agreement:


(1), Effectivity of sole agent agreement: the sole agent agreement will come into force upon duly signatures of the concerted parties.

(2), This agreement when duly signed by the parties concerned shall remain in force for one

year to be effective from (Date) to (Date) .

(3), If Party B couldn’t fulfill the 70% of sales target required,Party A has the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally. Party B shall be treated as qualified exclusive agent and exclusive exporter if Party B reaches the sales target no less than 70%, the agreement will be effective.

(4), If Party B fulfills the 80% of the total sales target, the Agreement will be automatically extended to (Date) .




6, Reports on Market Conditions:


Party B shall have the obligation to forward once every three months to Party A detailed reports on current market conditions and of consumer’s comments, and if there is any special change in the market, Party B shall also report timely to Party A its full particulars in writing. All economically reasonable requests for upgrades and changes to the products in the line will be considered by Party A and Party A will make improvements according to the feedback or requirements from Party B.



7, Price and payment terms:




8, Production and delivery date: according to actual producing situation but it shall within 30 days maximum。



9, Usufruct of the trade mark and internet marketing right :

(1) Usufruct of the trade mark: Party A agrees that party B use the (Brand) BRAND and the trading marks (Brand) of the party A in territory of (District). And the option of the brand and trading mark decided by party B.

(2), Party A agrees to provide Party B distributing marketing rights for the forementioned products for retail markets.



10, Advertisements and market promotion regulation: Part A agrees that Party B use the brand of (Brand) and trade mark (Brand). Party A confirms that the (Brand)brand is owned by (Company). And Party B warrant not to register the above mentioned brand and trade mark in (District)or other district. Party A agree provide concerned advertisement material for Part B including supplying catalogues, leaflets, documents and big advertisement pictures.



11, After-sales service terms:

Refer to after-sales regulation made by (Manufacture).



12, Sales reward policy: Refer to sales regulation made by (Manufacture).




13, Other Terms & Conditions:

The Agreement is in duplicate and each party held one copy. Other issues shall be negotiated and signed as the attachments of the agreement. And all the attachments of this Agreement have the same legal force with this Agreement. The Agreement has both Chinese and English versions and the both versions have the same legal force. Any kinds of copy (faxed or scanned copy) of this Agreement and its attachments which to be signed will have the same legal force as the original copy.









Party A:













Party B: