hygger Aquarium Chillers Fan, Quiet Fish Tank Cooling Fan Equipment with Adjustable Speed Controller

• Indispensable Reason
• Auto On/Off
• 5 Levels of Wind
• High-quality Product



Controller Speed SettingWith Controller – Speed Settingwind speeds are optional, with indicator light. There are quiet and gentle wind suitable for sleeping, and strong and fast cooling wind, etc.Available In All SeasonsAvailable In All Seasonshygger Aquarium fans can also be used in seasons other than the hot summer months. Especially in unventilated basements and garages. There are also coral tanks.
With Controller-Timer SettingWith Controller – Timer Setting5 time periods for the timer to be selected to realize free on/off, no need to worry about forgetting to turn off after the tempe cools down at night, and it will not affect the rest of the family.Automatic SwitchAutomatic SwitchThere is no need to switch the power supply every day, the hygger multi-functional controller is set to meet your convenient fish tank use needs. No worries from morning till night.


3 fan headsCombined Use – 1With 3 fan heads, only one controller and power adapter, which is convenient and does not require multiple settings, not take up space and not messy. It is very suitable for a medium-sized fish tank.Combined UseCombined Use – 2One controller and power adapter can control 2 or even 3 fans on the fish tank at the same time, our 3-pin splitter is 39.37in long. The angle of the fan head is adjustable.

Product Advantages

Aquarium Chillers Fan7-wing fan wheel, large air volume at the outlet, motor saves energy saving and low noise.Aquarium Chillers FanThere is a double switch design on the side, so you can turn off the power at any time. No need to unplug the power.Aquarium Chillers FanFit for tank thickness less than 0.45inches(1.1CM).Aquarium Chillers FanThe UL safety certified DC power supply is guaranteed to be used.


Aquarium lightsCase 11.Aquarium lights generate a lot of heat.
2.Other equipment with motors in the fish tank also generates heat all the time.
3.Reef tanks require specific temperatures.
4.Keep your aquarium tank cool in the winter, if the heat running in your house too warm.
High-end aquarium chillerCase 21.Hot summer.
2.Perennial unventilated basements and garages.
3.High-end aquarium chiller that are expensive and power-hungry.
4.Keep your axolotls and shrimp tank cool.



HG051-1FAN 00-240V 12V 1A 2.2W 1 1 <11.8″(30CM) <0.45″(1.1CM)
HG051-2FAN 100-240V 12V 1A 2.2W*2 2 2 15.7″(40CM) <0.45″(1.1CM)
HG051-3FAN 100-240V 12V 2A 2.2W*3 3 3 23.6″(60CM) <0.45″(1.1CM)
HG051-4FAN 100-240V 12V 2A 2.2W*4 4 4 31.5″(80CM) <0.45″(1.1CM)





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Can I get a sample?
Yes, you can pay a little samples charges.

How to install the product?
We will give you an installation guide, and then you can install it by yourself easily.

How soon can I get a price quote?
For most projects, once we know the style and the size, we can provide you with a price quote within 24 hours.

Do you accept customization orders?
Yes, and MOQ 1000pcs.

What should I do before ordering?
Before ordering, we need to confirm the product details and price, and confirm the material you chose, and then you can start to order.

Do you provide design services?
Yes, we provide design services for the aquarium, including aquarium decoration design, aquarium life support system design and pool lighting design.

Can you accept small orders?
Yes, our Hygger brand product MOQ is 5 pcs. If OEM, MOQ 500-1000pcs.

About Payment Methods & Shipping
We will choose the best Payment Method and logistics according to your order. Please feel free to contact distributor@hyggeraquarium.com.


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