hygger Bubble Curtain Wall Aquarium Air Stone Kit, Decoration for 16-inch Pond

*Fantastic Bubble Curtain
*Quiet, Mist-Like Micro Bubbles
*Recommend Use with 5W or Up Air Pump



Must-Have Airstone For Your Fish Tank

Nice Addition, Increase Oxygen Level, Improve Water Circulation
Air stones create bubbles–Bubbles release oxygen into the water– Water circulates through the bubbles– transports gas to the surface– Fish love to play in bubbles
In this way, aquarium air stone helps increase oxygen levels, aerates water, improves circulation and helps in gas exchange.

Thousands of Porous HolesAireator stone is made of compressed aluminum oxide, a durable porous material stand up to continuous use and wear and not prone to clog. It produces more dense, tiny bubbles like mist3/16 Airline TubingConnect to a stardard 3/16(4mm) airline tubing with a powerful air pump, you will get a gorgeous bubbles wall that your fish will love to play in.Heavy Enough To Keep Airstone DownThe base is made of aluminum alloy, heavy enough to keep airstone down even at full blast. Due to its material, do not use at saltwater tank.

Test It With hygger Different Power Air Pump
We tested bubble stone connected with hygger different power air pump and observed its bubbling effect.

It turns out 1.5w air pump too weak for the length of your airline and size of this air stone. While 5W or 10W air pump makes it shooting out a giant cloud of super fine bubbles that looks amazing.
Conclusion: You will need a bigger air pump to get bubbles out of the entire length of the air stone. We suggest at least 5w air pump, 10W perfect. Otherwise it will just let out a small dribble of air.

Test It With Different Depth Fish Tanks
Water Depth Can Also Affect Bubbling Effect
To compare to different depth fish tanks connected with a 5W air pump, we found bubbler stone produces more bubbles at 11-in depth aquarium. That’s because it requres more power to get the bubbles flowing at deeper water. If your fish tank is deep, get a more powerful air pump, such as 8W air pump for better performance.

Bury underneath substrate
As most people prefer to bury airstone undernearth substrate/gravel, we compared bubble effect with bubbler stone bury or not. It turns out bubbles getting large in shape and less in quantity than those not bury.
So do not put gravel on top of as it may affect bubbling.

Ready-To-Go Aquarium Bubbler KitIt contains a long bubbler wand, 6.5-ft long rubber hose, 2 suction cups to help bubble wand attach to glass and 1 hose clip to attach airtubing, lastly, 1 check valve to prevent siphoning. Please note that

How to install air bubbler?

Make sure you soak the stone in water 1 hour prior to set up
Cut the airtubing the length you need
Connect air bubbler to airtubing with an air pump of sufficient power
Place airstone underwater, plug in and go


Model HG069
Package included Packing list:
1* 6.5-feet long rubber hose
2* Suction cups
1* Hose clip
1* Check valve
1* 8”/16” Bar-shaped air wand



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