hygger Strong Aquarium Air Pump for Fish Tank, Hydroponic Systerm, Household Commercial Use

*Lower Running Costs & Better Performance
*Quietest Aquarium Air Pumps
*Unique Accordion Shape Design



High Quality Metal Controller2 valve adjustment switches, which can be adjusted individually for your convenience, improve water circulation and increase the oxygen level of the water, which is beneficial to the health and growth of the water pet.Shock Aborptive Rubber PadsAnti-vibration rubber pads help reduce noise and maintain stability.Strong Air Pumphygger powerful electromagnetic motor produces excellent air pressure and delivers lots of airflow to the two adjustable valve outlets, offer an oxygen-rich environment and keep your fish happy and thrive.

Where You Can Use This Air Pump

Ultra Quiet Aquarium Air PumpsA good air pump should be seen and not heard. Hygger quietest air pump,it is designed with multiple layers of denouncing to achieve low noise operation. The unique accordion shape appearance, it can be more integrated into your home style, adding a more elegant and sophisticated style to your fish tank.Energy-savingThis aquarium air pump provide high efficiency with super powerful output, with only 8W power consumption, running 50% less power than the other aquarium air pump.More Then Just for Fish TankThis aerator can be widely used to provide oxygen for aquariums, fish farms and hydroponic systems, is very suitable for raising the pH in swimming pool, and also performs well in brewing compost tea.


Model HG062
Power 8W 12W
Voltage AC 110V-120V/60HZ
Max air flow 240GPH (15L/Min) 352GPH (22L/Min)
Pressure 0.03Mpa 0.04Mpa
Outlet diameter 8mm
Distributor 2 4
Max water depth 5ft (1.5m) 6.5ft (1.95m)
Size 5.5*4.9*3.5” (14*12.5*8.9cm) 6.1*5.9*3.8” (15.5*15*9.7cm)
Application up to 300Gal (1350L) up to 600Gal (2700L)


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