hygger Rechargeable Aquarium Pond Powerful Air Pump for Fishing Yacht/Power Outages/Hydroponic

*Professional air pump
*Rechargeable air pump
*Adjustable air flow
*Quiet & powerful fish tank pump



hygger Portable Rechargeable Battery Quiet Air PumpEnergy-saving:Using the latest energy-saving technology, the air pump works more effectively, saving more energy compared to traditional air pumps.Ultra-quiet design: This air pumps uses an upgrade motor to reduce the noise.More durable: Durable material and precise design make the pump last longer!
2 Types of Power Operation,Ac and Dc Dual-PurposeAfter plugging in the power adapter, the air pump can work while charging the battery. After the battery is fully charged, it does not charge and only works. After a power outage, the battery runs the air pump to work.The max air volume can use ≤ 8 hours, and the min can use ≤ 100 hours.Powerful & Quiet Air PumpOur size is big and powerful, but quiet. Noise-reducing powerful motor, thick soundproof cover, bottom reduce vibration rubber feet.10W/18W SIZE: Height: 5.1inch; Width:5.7inch; Length:10.8inch.
Voltage Power LCD DisplayDisplay power percentage, voltage, battery status. It is very helpful for charging and using.
When the power supply and battery are switched, due to the change of the power supply mode, there will be a short-term inconsistency in the display data, which is a normal phenomenon.
Adjust Air Flow ValveThe main air outlet is made of all-copper material, which prevents oxidation, is not easy to deform, and is durable. Adjustable volume control knob, 9 options, can be adjusted according to your own preferences.
Warm TipsThe pump is NOT SUBMERSIBLE, please do not put it into the aquarium. Keep it dry.
No check valve, the air pump should be placed above the water level of the fish tank(about 25cm).

With a check valve( included), the air pump can be placed below the water surface or placed on the table.
Portable Handle10W is 5.2Lb, 18W is 6.3Lb. With a portable handle, you can take it wherever you want,rechargeable design, outdoor fishing/fishing yacht/car trunk, easy and fast to use.When the voltage is lower than 5.5V, need to be charge. Be sure to keep charging once every 6 months, otherwise will be damaged.

Included Accessories Introduction

10W Accessories1*main hose (can cut when using check valve)
1*check valve (for hoses ID 0.28 inch, OD 0.37 inche)
4*thin hoses (ID 3/16 inch)
6*air stones, 2 are spare
18W Accessories1*main hose (can cut when using check valve)
1*check valve (for hoses ID 0.28 inch, OD 0.37 inche)
6*thin hoses (ID 3/16 inch)
8*air stones, 2 are spare
Diverter ValveThe diverter valve can adjust the air flow, and can also close the air outlet of a single or more thin hose. 10W has 4 outlets, and 18W has 6 outlets.Ul Certified Power AdapterAC/DC power supply, it can be used as a power cord when it is plugged at ordinary times, and it is also an air pump battery charger for charging.


Model HG067
Power 10W 18W
Voltage 100V-240V 50/60HZ
Max air flow 238GPH (15L/Min) 301GPH (19L/Min)
Weight 5.2Lb 6.3Lb
Pressure 0.015Mpa 0.024Mpa
Size 10.8*5.7*5.1” (27.4*14.5*13cm) 10.8*5.7*5.1” (27.4*14.5*13cm)
For breeding Up to 40KG Up to 80KG


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