hygger Aquarium Heater with External Digital Temperature Controller for Reef & Saltwater

• LED digital display controller
• Abnormal alarm of temperature line
• Memory function
• Durable quartz tube and resistant to corrosion
• Double sealed material which protects container from scald
• Constant temperature function
• Over-temperature alarm function

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Hygger digital control quartz glass aquarium heater is specially designed for medium and large fish tank use, fast heating up for 60-120gallon tank.It comes with 1 quartz glass heater, 1 IC temp controller and 1 thermometer, the cables are all long enough for use indoors.

Cautions: please keep the heater fully under water all the time, the plastic guard will be melted if the heater exposes to the air when it’s heating or not cool down.

eatures of hygger submersible heater
1. Fast heating and reliable, fully automatic control.
2. ABS black plastic heater guard with 2 strong suction cups.
3. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquarium use.
4. The controller with memory function in case of power-down.
5. Durable and explosion-proof quartz glass heater tube.
6. Very easy to install and use.
Automatically stop and restart heatingIt will stop heating when the water temp reaches to the set temp. Please note that the water temp may go up 1℉ more because of the waste heat.
When the water temp is cool down to 1℉ less than the set temp, the fish tank heater will restart heating.
Heater tube material: quartz glass
Plug: three-pin US plug
Temp control range: 61-90℉
Temp accuracy: ±1℉
Frequency: 60HZ
How to use the temp setting?Temp Setting:Press the button on the controller over and over, the set temp digits will go circularly from 61 to 90, when you set it to the digit you want, stop and wait the led flashing for 3 times, then the setting is done and the led will go on displaying the water temp.
Heating indicator light
There are 2 indicator lights below the display screen, the left light will on red when the heater is heating, the right light will on green when it stops heating.
Over temperature protection
The fish tank heater will auto shut off if water temp is over 97℉, and will automatically turn normal work when water temp is less than 95℉.
Aquarium heater use direction
• Please don’t plug in before the heater is well installed.
• Please wait for about 6 seconds before you setting the temp.
• Keep the heater and thermometer fully submerged all the time.
• Place the heater vertically or horizontally near the water intake or on the way of water flow.
• Don’t bury the heater under gravels, mud or sands.
• Keep tank water circulation as far as possible.
• Place the thermometer far away from the heater, keep the temp controller away from water.
• Wait the heater tube to cool down before moving it or changing the water.
500W for 60-120 gallon fish tank
Heater rod length: 10.5 inch
Generally, when we choose a heater for the tank, we can base on that 3.8 wattage to 7 wattage per gallon water.
When the weather gets cold and room temp is lower than 50℉, please choose a larger wattage heater than normal recommended.
The heater power cord is 6ft, the controller power cord is 5ft, the thermometer cord is 4.6ft.



Model HG-925
Power 300 W 500 W
Voltage 110-120V/60Hz, 220-240V/50Hz
Cord length 5 ft+7 ft
Application 30~60 Gallon (136-273L) 60~120 Gallon (273-546L)
Control Range 61℉~90℉, 16℃~32℃
Heating Rod Dimension 7.7 inches (19.6cm) 10.5 inches (26.7cm)
Heater tube material Quartz Glass



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Can I get a sample?
Yes, you can pay a little samples charges.

How to install the product?
We will give you an installation guide, and then you can install it by yourself easily.

How soon can I get a price quote?
For most projects, once we know the style and the size, we can provide you with a price quote within 24 hours.

Do you accept customization orders?
Yes, and MOQ 1000pcs.

What should I do before ordering?
Before ordering, we need to confirm the product details and price, and confirm the material you chose, and then you can start to order.

Do you provide design services?
Yes, we provide design services for the aquarium, including aquarium decoration design, aquarium life support system design and pool lighting design.

Can you accept small orders?
Yes, our Hygger brand product MOQ is 5 pcs. If OEM, MOQ 500-1000pcs.

About Payment Methods & Shipping
We will choose the best Payment Method and logistics according to your order. Please feel free to contact distributor@hyggeraquarium.com.


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