hygger Quiet Hang On Aquarium Filter with 100GPH Rotatable Surface Oil Skimmer

• 3 in 1 Aquarium Filter & water changer
• Unique hanging design
• Landscaping & oxygenation
• Multi-stage filtration to maintain a clean aquatic environment
• Connect hose to fast water change
• Versatile device keeps your tank clean, less maintenance



Freely adjust the amount of water flow.Wide mouth water outlet, wave design, create a waterfall water effect and increase oxygen.Shockproof footpads. Reduce the noise generated by collisions.


Filter sponge cover, it is not easy to block and prevents small fish from being inhaled.Retractable water inlet tube. Adjust to the proper position according to the depth of the water and need. Suitable for different water level.Hang on outside the tank wall, does not occupy the space inside the tank, does not affect the landscaping of the tank, and the running pump will not disturb the aquarium pets.


Easy to clean and maintain, just open the lid and take out the filter box.
Recommended for cleaning the filter with tank water every 2 weeks or 1 month.
Replaceable thickened filter box, the filter material inside can be replaced, and can also be freely matched with other materials.Please fill the filter chamber with water before using, the pump cannot work without water.

Factors Affecting Rotation of Oil Film

Surface skimmer, rotatable design, run by the water flow. The oil film impurities are sucked into the whirlpool mouth, and the water surface is cleaner.If the oil film does not rotate, please note that the oil film pipe is overlapped with the water pipe.
Keep: Normally, there is a certain height difference between the oil film and the water pipe.
Do: By adjusting the water level pipe and the water level in the tank.
If the oil film does not rotate, note the effect of water flow in the tank. There are the following reasons for not rotating.
The water flow was adjusted to very small.
The oil remover is too far from the waterfall.
There is no other water circulation equipment in the tank.

• Model: SIZE S / SIZE M
• Voltage:AC 110-120V / 60 Hz
• Power:4W /5W
• Q.Max:100GPH / 127GPH
• Sound:<30 dB
• Cord length:5.9FT
• Application:5Gal~ 8 Gal / 9Gal~ 16Gal
• Dimension:6.1″×6.88″ / 8.26″×6.88″



Model S M
Voltage AC 110-120V 60Hz, AC 220-240V 50Hz
Power 4W 5W
Q.Max 100GPH(380L/H) 127GPH(480L/H)
Sound <30 dB
Cord length 5.9ft(1.8m)
Application 5-8Gal(18~30L) 9-16Gal(34~60L)
Filter cartridge 1PCS 2PCS



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Can I get a sample?
Yes, you can pay a little samples charges.

How to install the product?
We will give you an installation guide, and then you can install it by yourself easily.

How soon can I get a price quote?
For most projects, once we know the style and the size, we can provide you with a price quote within 24 hours.

Do you accept customization orders?
Yes, and MOQ 1000pcs.

What should I do before ordering?
Before ordering, we need to confirm the product details and price, and confirm the material you chose, and then you can start to order.

Do you provide design services?
Yes, we provide design services for the aquarium, including aquarium decoration design, aquarium life support system design and pool lighting design.

Can you accept small orders?
Yes, our Hygger brand product MOQ is 5 pcs. If OEM, MOQ 500-1000pcs.

About Payment Methods & Shipping
We will choose the best Payment Method and logistics according to your order. Please feel free to contact distributor@hyggeraquarium.com.


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