hygger 360 Degree Rotating Submersible Aquarium Wavemaker for Freshwater & Saltwater

• Increases aquarium water movement
• Keeps water cleam
• Impressive flow rate
• 360-Degree rotation
• Easy to Install



16 Watt Strong Current Flow Circulation Pump
for 75-130 gal
Hygger makes a fully submersible powerhead that cycles 2000 gph. It creates powerful, strong water current flower for large aqarium range from 75 gallon to 130 gallon fish tank. It greatly helps plants, corals and even your fish to thrive. Aquarium circulation pump is suitable for marine, tropical and freshwater setups.
• Simulates a strong currents of the ocean to create similar water environment by continuously circulating water
• Stir up the debris, clean up spot of the fish tank in conjunction with filter.
• Dissolve more oxygen in the water
• Power: 16W
• Q/Max: 8000 L/P
• Voltage: 110v-120v/ 60Hz
• Dimensions: 5.1″ X 2.8″ X 9.3″ (130mm*70*235mm)
• Cord length: 9.1 ft /2.8m
• Capacity: 75 gallon to 130 gallon aquarium
Impellers• titanium impellers constructed, it can be used at saltwater aquarium as well as freshwater.
• Rubber end ensures less noise reduction, keeps it quiet while running.
Submersible & Oil Free Motor• It is fully submersible and oil free motor
• Creates strong current for fish to swim up and down
• Clean up every corner of the tank
360-Degree Rotation• You can turn sphere joints in any postion so you’re able to really fine tune the water flow.
• Magnet suction cup support allows for free positioning
Troubleshooting• Only one fan works / LoudIt happens when the impeller out of the track. As two impellers stand loosely at the base, after long time using or impact, it will out of the track and stop working.
Unplug the wave maker and take it out. Take the pump apart and take out impellers and put them back into the base again. Restart it.
• Suction Cup not stayContact hygger for new suction cup
How to install?Follow the instructions below:
Clean the glass where you will place the suction cup
Find a good spot and attach the locking mechanism
Plug in power and you are good to go
Attention:The powerhead should be fully submerged. Otherwise, working pump comes out water surface and make noise.



Model Power Qmax Voltage Weight Size Frequency
HG-707 16W 8000L/H 110-120V 0.48Kg 200x140x110mm 50-60Hz




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Can I get a sample?
Yes, you can pay a little samples charges.

How to install the product?
We will give you an installation guide, and then you can install it by yourself easily.

How soon can I get a price quote?
For most projects, once we know the style and the size, we can provide you with a price quote within 24 hours.

Do you accept customization orders?
Yes, and MOQ 1000pcs.

What should I do before ordering?
Before ordering, we need to confirm the product details and price, and confirm the material you chose, and then you can start to order.

Do you provide design services?
Yes, we provide design services for the aquarium, including aquarium decoration design, aquarium life support system design and pool lighting design.

Can you accept small orders?
Yes, our Hygger brand product MOQ is 5 pcs. If OEM, MOQ 500-1000pcs.

About Payment Methods & Shipping
We will choose the best Payment Method and logistics according to your order. Please feel free to contact distributor@hyggeraquarium.com.


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