hygger Advanced LED Aquarium Light with Timer, 24/7 Lighting Cycle & DIY Mode, for Planted Tank

• Highly efficient and safety power supply saves energy
• Unique lighting and 24/7 mode
• Suitable for plants and freshwater aquariums
• Adjustable timer, extendable brackets
• Premium 5050 & RGB LED bulbs
• Full spectrum LED light
• Aluminium alloy housing



Sunrise-Daylight-Moonlight DEFAULT MODE (24/7 Natural Mode)

SunriseDefault Setting: Gradient Orange light (sunrise) from 6 am to 8 am;
Gradient White(day) light from 8 am to 6 pm;
Gradient Blue light (moonlight) from 6pm to 10:50pm;
The lights are off in other time periods.How to set the local time: For example, your local time is 14 o’clock in the afternoon, and you need to wait for 1 hour until the local time is 15 o’clock, then you can press the 24/7 button to select to the 15 o’clock indicator lights up, then the setting is successful, and it starts to run according to the default settings.
There are a total of 6-time indicator lights for reference.
DayQ: What is the function of 6-time points + indicator light?
A: These 6-time points are an auxiliary reminder function. You can use them on the controller as reminders for the first time to set the local time.
For example, the local time that I start to set the light is at 8 o’clock, the indicator light at 8 o’clock point on the controller will also start to flash. After the setting is completed, the fish tank light will run with the default settings.
NightQ: Is it okay not to run according to the entire default time? That is, I don’t want the light to start to light up at 6 o’clock in the default mode.
A: YES. As long as you reset the time of the first set with reference to the local time, the overall time will also change. That is to say, the brightness of the overall run is unchanged by default, but the time period can be changed.
For example, if your start setting of local time is at 7 o’clock, the 8 o’clock indicator on the button will also light-up, It means that the time you set all has advanced. After the setting is successful, on the second day the light will start to light at 5 in the morning and 9:30 in the evening to turn it off, the overall time is advanced.
PS: The default program is to light up at 6 o’clock. The start time of running is not the local time first set.


• 3 types – Adjustable Timer: Lighting time can be programmed to 6H, 10H, and 12H;
• 5 types – Adjustable Brightness: lighting mode can be adjusted to 9 stages brightness (10%-25%-50%-75%-100%-75%-50%-25%-10%);
• 7 types – Adjustable Color: White, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Cyan;Cycle Color (No Brightness Selection).


TIMER KeyCan set the lighting time 6H, 10H, 12H, no timer.ON-OFF/ M keyCan choose the light color you want.Up/Down keyCan adjust the brightness 1 to 10 stages(10%-100%-75%-50%-25%-10%-25%-50%-75%-100%).24/7 keydefault settings – Sunrise-Daylight-Moonlight.

Rendering index 85The irradiated light is softer and does not hurt the eyes, the light is more stable. If you use a mobile phone to take pictures,the screen is not flashing, the eyes and the fish are protected.High-quality Lights Beads5 rows of lamp beads, the light surface is wider, the color is bright. High lumens, translucent fish tanks, and brighter plants. Long-term use does not decay, the light effect is pure and transparent, the life is long, and it can be used for tens of thousands of hours.Waterproof The lamp beads are made of glue filling, fully sealed and waterproof. The light is high light transmittance, waterproof, and easy to clean.
Note: When in use, some lights will enter water vapor due to the different scenes used in fish tanks, etc. This will not affect the use, and there is no need to worry about the lights entering the water. The lamp beads have waterproof protection.
If you think it will affect the lighting effect, you can remove the PC plastic cover of the light (remove the screw), and expose the lamp beads to use it directly.
Extendable BracketThere are 6 sizes, and is the extendable bracket, and suitable for many fish tanks.
• 14W for 12~18inch long tank
• 18W for 18~24inch long tank
• 22W for 24~30inch long tank
• 26W for 30~36inch long tank
• 36W for 36~42inch long tank
• 42W for 48~54inch long tank



Model HG-978
Power 14 W 18 W 22 W 26 W 36 W 42 W
Input Voltage 110-120V/60Hz, 220-240V/50Hz
Output Voltage DC 20V
Power Cord 4.9ft+2.3ft (1.5m+0.7m)
Application 12~18inches
Led Quantity
(white+red+green +blue+RGB)
Light Size 11.8×4.3x1inches
Lumen 817 1075 1583 1662 2778 2815
Kelvin White 6500K, Blue 455nm, Red 620nm, Green 560nm
CRI 86



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Can I get a sample?
Yes, you can pay a little samples charges.

How to install the product?
We will give you an installation guide, and then you can install it by yourself easily.

How soon can I get a price quote?
For most projects, once we know the style and the size, we can provide you with a price quote within 24 hours.

Do you accept customization orders?
Yes, and MOQ 1000pcs.

What should I do before ordering?
Before ordering, we need to confirm the product details and price, and confirm the material you chose, and then you can start to order.

Do you provide design services?
Yes, we provide design services for the aquarium, including aquarium decoration design, aquarium life support system design and pool lighting design.

Can you accept small orders?
Yes, our Hygger brand product MOQ is 5 pcs. If OEM, MOQ 500-1000pcs.

About Payment Methods & Shipping
We will choose the best Payment Method and logistics according to your order. Please feel free to contact distributor@hyggeraquarium.com.


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