hygger 6-in-1 Color Stainless Steel Long Aquarium Aquascaping Tools Kit for Fish Tank Starters

Aquascaping plant tool set length:
• Curved scissors: 9.8inch(24.9cm)
• Straight tweezers: 10.6inch(27cm)
• Curved tweezers: 10.5inch(26.7cm)
• Sand spatula: 12.5inch(32cm)
• Acrylic Holder: 5.6x2x0.67″(14.2x5x1.7cm)
Materials and color: stainless steel, colorful



6-in-1 Aquarium Tools: The tool set includes one 9.8″ curved scissors, one 12.5″ sand spatula, one 10.6″ straight tweezers, one 10.5″ curved tweezers, one 5.6″x 2″ acrylic tool holder, one 7.5″x 7.5″ cleaning cloth. It also comes with a durable velvety bag to help you to store these aquarium tools well after use. The tool kits would be a nice gift for aquarium beginners or experienced ones.

Premium Stainless Steel Made: The 4 pcs of color tools are made of quality stainless steel, it’s sturdy, good grip and no rusting. The aquatic plant tools are color, looks cool and premium. The whole tool adopts color oxidation process to prevent the metal tools get rusting. Keep the tools dry and clean after using is also very important to prevent rusts.

Perfect for Aquarium Starters: Must have for aquascaping, it would be great tool kit to make working in your tank much easier. We suggest for small and mini fish tank use. All the tools are sturdy and easy to use. In order to make the tools look and perform like brand new, you can hang them on the tool holder to dry after using them, then store them back to the velvety pouch.

Wide Application tool Set: Helpful tools for aquarium plant tidying, tiny gardening, bonsai pruning. The curved pruning scissors with thick blades, sharp enough for easy trimming. The 2 anti-slip design tweezers is good for adjusting, picking out something, planting or feedings. The sand spatula is good for smoothing out the substrate and scrapping the algae.

Tools Come with Protective Ends: When you take the tools out of the pouch, you will find protective ends on the pointed end of the tools, please don’t throw them away, you can use them again after you finish all the work. It’s for protecting your hands from stabbing or scratching when you take them out next time.



1 x Curved scissors 1 x Straight tweezers 1 x Curved tweezers 1 x Sand spatula 1 x Acrylic tool holder
1 x Cleaning cloth 1 x Drawstring bag



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Yes, you can pay a little samples charges.

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Yes, we provide design services for the aquarium, including aquarium decoration design, aquarium life support system design and pool lighting design.

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