hygger IPX8 Electric Rechargeable Aquarium Cleaner Tools Kit with 6 Replaceable Cleaner Heads

*Multifunctional cleaning set
*Convenient operation
*IPX8 waterproof
*Wireless cleaning use
*Wide application



Rechargeable Aquarium Cleaner Scrubberhygger Electric Aquarium Cleaning BrushesThe hygger Electric Aquarium Cleaning Kit is designed for the aquarist looking for a quick and effortless aquarium clean.IPX8 Waterproof
Rechargeable Cordless Cleaning,Battery Working Time (Approx.90~120 Min)
USB Adapter : Input AC100-240V/50-60Hz; Output DC 5V
Adjustable Length, Wide Application,Electric Save Some Effort

A Good Helper For Pet Household Cleaning

High Speed 200RPMFor stubborn stains, for easy removal, choose a high speed rating. Save half the effort and time compared to manual cleaning brushes.Mini Pond Without SoilFor mini ponds with no mud on the wall and bottom, rechargeable electric cleaning tools, wireless use, is an excellent choice for outdoor cleaning.Household Cleaning For CatExcept clean fish tanks, also use for deep cleaning of the Cat Litter Boxes etc, wet and dry use, which is convenient and quick.Outdoor Cleaning For Dog HouseIt is very convenient to clean the Dog House Outdoor, cordless use, powerful motor. Working wirelessly last approx.90~120 min, Charge time need ≤5H.

WIDELY USED –2 Kind Speed/3 Kind Lengths/6 Kind Clean Heads

Low Speed 140rpmA low speed is suitable for light stain cleaning and for delicate materials such as glass.Spare Bottom Media TankThe bottom water circulation tank under the cabinet is troublesome to move, hidden location,the cleaning angle is laborious, cleaning is difficult.Heavy Fish TanksFish tanks in hard-to-move places like the kitchen, office desk, etc. need a powerful electric cleaning kit.Washable Reusable Filter MediaFor reusable filter material cleaning, soak in water, touch and vibrate them with motor, so that most of the impurities are separated from the media.
FLAT BRUSHSize: Bristle Diameter: 4.3inch; Bristle Height: 1 inch; Connection head diameter: 2.3inch
Material: PP material, wear-resistant
Uses: For flat surfaces with thick stains. Such as aquarium water circulation spare tank, fish tank large stone decoration, etc.
POINTED BRUSHSize: Bristle height: 2.6inch; Connection head diameter: 2.3inch
Material: PP material, wear-resistant
Uses: Suitable for cleaning the corners. Such as the corners of fish tanks and the crevices of aquarium landscaping, etc.
ARC BRUSHSize: Bristle Diameter: 3.2inch; Bristle Height: 1.5 inch;
Material: PP material, wear-resistant
Uses: For cleaning uneven places. Such as aquarium decorations,landscaping stones, hard filter media, large canister filter, etc.
LARGE SPONGE BRUSHSize: Sponge Diameter: 4.3 inch; Sponge Height: 0.8 inch; Connection head
diameter: 2.3inch
Material: Sponge, soft, good water absorption
Uses: Suitable for cleaning glass and other places that are easy to scratch. Such as acrylic fish tanks, some glass fish tanks, etc.
POLISHING CLOTHSize: Polishing Cloth Diameter: 4.7inch
Uses: Suitable for glass material cleaning, and mild stains. For example, the scale traces of the fish tank, and the daily wiping when the fish tank wall is splashed with water droplets, etc.
SCOURING PADSize: Coarse cloth diameter: 4.5inchbr />
Uses: For tough stains. For example, there are a lot of dense impurities on the bottom of the aquarium, and there are many stains on the aquarium cover facing the water, etc.


Model HG086
Material PP material, wear-resistant
Input AC 100-240V/50-60Hz
Output DC 5V
Last work hour 90~120min
Charge time ≤5H
Build-in battery 3.7V/2600mAh



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